SF Series – fixed displacement – from 300 to 500 cm³

///SF Series – fixed displacement – from 300 to 500 cm³
SF Series – fixed displacement – from 300 to 500 cm³2019-11-22T10:17:14+00:00

Project Description

SF series hydraulic motors are the axial-piston type.
A special timing system provides for two opposite pistons to be installed in every cylinder.
A hydrostatically supported ball is set between piston and multi.lobe cam, so that the piston-to-cam contact is in fact a rolling movement.
Rotation can thus be said to occur through two opposite thrust bearings.
The unique design, along with the 35 impulses per revolution generated by the cam-and-piston unit result in smooth, silent and uniform rotation, to be slowed down as required. Work is transformed into torque with higher efficiency than in any other similar motor, the weight-to-power ratio being very low (0,5 kg each horse power).
This motor is also available with a hollow shaft, a feature which results in savings in assembly costs, enables more than one motor to be installed on one shaft, thus reducing overall dimensions.
SF motors are suitable for those applications where low-cost, compact, high-efficiency motors are required.

Product details

SF from 300 to 500

Laboratory curves