HV Series – variable displacement – from 200 to 700 cm³

///HV Series – variable displacement – from 200 to 700 cm³
HV Series – variable displacement – from 200 to 700 cm³2019-11-22T10:10:11+00:00

Project Description

HV series hydraulic motors have, over the HF series, the additionale advantage of variable displacement, while offering the same features of reliability and performance.
This makes HV motors suitable for applications where the speed of rotation is to be varied in a proportion inverse to the torque requirements.
HV motors rated displacements can be reduced to one third.
This will result in increased speed while power will remain unaffected, which will sizeably reduce power pack costs, as the power can be made to suit the reduced capacity.
The high volumetric and mechanical efficiency will also bring about considerable saving in terms of cost of energy.
Displacement can be reduced by two different controls: manual and hydraulic. HV motors are a must in those applications where steady power is required with variable torque and speed values.

Product details

Motor section

Laboratory curves

– All the characteristics of HF motors are valid for HV motors
– Variability ratio between the max and min displacement 1:3 about
– Continual variation from min to max displacement and vice versa with the motor running
– The variable camplate supported with pivot pins on each side: min mechanical friction
– Double drive possibility; hand mechanical control and hydraulic control with Cetop 02 connection