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In 1962, when in Italy the oleodynamics was at the dawn of a history that made it become the second European producer in terms of turnover, the OLEODINAMICA GECO (at the time GECO precision mechanics), was born strongly motivated to innovate, studying, designing and engineering the slow axial piston motor to differentiate itself from the other two Italian pioneers BIGNOZZI and RIVA CALZONI which instead produced the torque of the same axis of rotation with the philosophy of radial pistons.

The 60s / 70s, those of economic development dictated by industrial mechanization, but also by the mechanization of work in the fields or the diversification of the sector of mobile machines, years in which the hydraulic motor has allowed to transmit high driving torques in very limited dimensions with the advantage of being able to develop a constant force as the rotation speed changes in an elastic system because it is based on the pressure fluid. Those, the years in which OLEODINAMICA GECO, believing in the philosophy of the axial piston motor, offers the market the model with variable displacement first, and for some years, unique on the market. Those, the years in which the axial piston engineering allows the OLEODINAMICA GECO to realize first and only on the market, hollow shaft motors. Those are the years in which the GECO OLEODYNAMICS, believing in its capacity for innovation, has protected the intellectual property of some of its inventions with patents, also in this case covering the times. Those were the years in which the GECO OLEODYNAMICS crossed the Atlantic Ocean to try to export its product to the USA, where the first Texas oil wells were drilled with GECO motorized drills. Those were the years in which the GECO OLEODYNAMICS marked its product with a brand, something quite unusual at the time.

The 80s and 90s marked the consolidation of the OLEODINAMICA GECO products that invested their energies in the search for new materials and heat treatments that could allow the passage from 150 BAR to 250 BAR, maintaining the same reliability over time, to follow the technological evolution of the hydraulic circuits that aimed and still today aim at transmitting increasingly higher powers in increasingly smaller weights and dimensions. Years in which the GECO OLEODYNAMICS works hard to consolidate the penetration abroad, creating a web of continent distributors by continent, country by country, consolidating the presence at the international fair of the FLUIDTRANS COMPOMAC sector and starting to participate in the fairs abroad.

 The years 2000/2020 were characterized by the creation and experimentation of a new product always with axial pistons but designed to be used at 400 BAR, in addition to the introduction of a new product family “orbital motors” mature technology, but to complete of the market offer to be able to satisfy at 360 degrees any use required by the market, by price or service.

 A long history then that of the GECO HYDRAULICS, linked to the dynamism supported and driven by the great will of its founder, Ing. Roberto Colombo, recently passed away, leaving the inheritance of his enlightened path to the successive generations, which saw him rewarded twice in the 2000 and 2002 with the international NEWS award in the NATIONAL OLEOHYDRAULIC sector.

To him the workers and the collaborators all, yesterday and today, dedicate this page of the company’s history.