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KF SERIES - Fixed displacement 
KF hydraulic motors are the axial-piston, low-speed, fixed-displacement type.
The range of speed is larger then conventional low-speed motors'.
The torque supplied is steady and directly proportional to the operating pressure, irrespective of the speed of rotation. KF motors can be started under load and operate at very low rpms.
The steady torque is the result of the high number of pistons in operation.
The high volumetric and mechanical efficiency makes it possible to fully exploit the installed power, thus attaining sizeable saving in energy costs.
Two versions are available, namely: with keyed shaft and hollow, through shaft.
The later version gives fast, cost-saving connections, doing away with the coupling.
KF motors are used in a variety of applications, wherever a reliable, noiseless, high-efficiency motor is required, including the hardest working connections.

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